The Salvation Army: MMC Zone Exhibitor

The Salvation Army is one of only a few charities in the UK with an example of delivering supported accommodation for people facing homelessness using modular homes. Opening in February 2020, in partnership with Redbridge Council and Citizens UK, we have implemented Project Malachi for 42 residents on a meanwhile site in Ilford, East Londo.

This model uses volumetric modular construction to build clusters of homes on ‘meanwhile use’ sites through a partnership with house builders, local authorities, faith communities, volunteers and community organisers. From our experience of this particular project in Ilford, we are developing a model which we are interested in employing in other communities.
There are three key elements to the model:
1. People: “community-led supported accommodation” – a support model that is transformative for both the ‘client’ and the members of the ‘host’ community (trained volunteer & peer mentors/support workers)
2. Property: using volumetric modular construction to build clusters of 8-10 self-contained, re-deployable homes on ‘meanwhile use’ sites – a ‘smaller boat’ strategy
3. Politics: a community organising approach to finding the land and involving volunteers
Project Malachi is not just about providing a roof over the heads of those experiencing homelessness but about building community with people that have experienced exclusion from society.


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